Four stories, all revolving around the theme of wanderlust. Shot entirely in Chicago featuring a cast of local veterans of Steppenwolf, The Goodman Theater, and Second City. A feature film. Written and Directed by Ron Lazzeretti.

Critical Acclaim

“A delightful film and, in some stretches, a flawless one…. So what is the flawless part? That would be the execution by director Ron Lazzeretti… What I kept noticing was the excellence in details: the acting, the casting, the dialogue, editing, music. The feeling that not a shot was careless… Lazzeretti’s perfectionism shows.”
—ROGER EBERT (3 stars)

“Deft… A distinct, confident self-effacement behind the camera.”
—MICHAEL PHILLIPS, The Chicago Tribune (3 stars)

“So gorgeous and dead-on honest—and hilarious. Lazzeretti is a towering master of the comic micro-beat.”
—BILL ZEHME, author of ‘Lost In The Funhouse: The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman, and “Frank Sinatra: The Way You Wear Your Hat’

“Expertly rendered.. like a master class in the melancholy and/or bleakly comedic.”
—Time Out Chicago

“Impressive… Lazzeretti really has something.”
—The Chicago Reader